Using Moodle Data to Inform your Teaching


In this module you will explore how to retrieve meaningful data from Moodle and use these to improve learning and the learner experience.

You will explore data points available in Moodle reports, Panopto statistics, the progress bar and other learning technology data points.

You will learn how the Activity Completion Report can provide you with meaningful student data. Data trends from Moodle reports and Panopto Statistics will also be explored.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Identify types of data within Moodle
  2. Locate and retrieve data within Moodle reports and Panopto statistics
  3. Identify data trends to improve the learner experience
  4. Articulate how the use of analytics may improve student outcomes, teaching content and delivery
  5. Plan for and set up Moodle activities to collect required data to monitor student engagement
  6. Collect and manipulate data from moodle reports for analysis


Task 1:Data Collection Timeline

Task 2: Data Trends Retrieval and Enhancement Plan

Module details

  • Online mode of delivery