Leave No One Behind

A program for students and recent graduates - reaching out to people like you - for innovative ideas that will address disadvantage and inequality in our local communities.

“It offered a skillset that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to get from my degree. "


“The supportive environment was a stand-out feature of the program that I didn't expect. It was such a great a experience!

Our students are taught to Leave No One Behind

The world is changing. From education to healthcare, housing to fair pay, it’s hard not to feel like the gap is getting wider between those with opportunity and those without. So, what can you do to help?

We believe sustainable development is key: and we need innovative new ideas that will stand the test of time in creating happier, healthier and more inclusive communities. But behind these ideas must first come passion - and that’s where you come in.

We want to support you on your entrepreneurship journey as you use your skills and passion to create meaningful, lasting change in the community.

Up to $5,000 to bring your idea to life

Leave No One Behind runs for three months, kicking off with a Social Innovation Summit. In this time, we’ll run a series of expert-led workshops to teach you the ins and outs of social entrepreneurship. You will work with a small team to create a one-page business plan, pitching it with the help of your mentors, who will assist to develop and refine your ideas.

You are only limited by your imagination: from a new product to community program, we’re giving you complete freedom to create something magic. We want to see you approach entrenched community problems with a fresh set of eyes, and an action-led attitude. At the end of the three months, our panel of judges will select their favourites, and award the winners up to $5,000 to bring it to life.

More than just prize money

When you leave Monash, you’ll have a degree. But it takes more than just academic smarts to make a change in this world. By entering the program, you’ll walk away with the real-life skills to identify, formulate, and execute social inclusion projects.

Creativity and curiosity are at the heart of all the best innovations. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply want to use your talent to help make a difference, we’re here to show you how. If you’re ready to leave your mark on this world, here’s where you begin.

"I now have a deeper understanding about ways to solve social problems. Leave No One Behind created the safe space to out get there and explore ideas."