Building program

Sir Louis Matheson Library (Clayton) and Caulfield Library were reopened in 2017, after innovative building projects.

These new generation libraries are engaging places that encourage inquisitive minds. Find out more about these beautiful buildings and be inspired to achieve more.

Matheson LibraryCaulfield Library
Sir Louis Matheson Library Caulfield Library

Earlier building program

Through an ongoing program to redevelop its facilities Monash University Library aims to keep pace with the diverse and changing needs of its users and to respond to  changing teaching and learning styles.

A detailed  set of guidelines provides a comprehensive and uniform approach to all aspects  of redevelopment from architecture, signage and floor plans to colour schemes  and furniture.

The  objective is to implement the plan in refurbishments across the Victorian libraries over a 20 year period ensuring that the end result is libraries that  are:

  • technologically  enabled
  • more adaptable to changing study styles
  • easier to navigate
  • modern and consistent in design and layout
  • more  reflective of the university's status, and
  • a  pleasure to use.

Hargrave-Andrew  Library on Clayton campus was the first library to be refurbished using these guiding  principles. Once completed it became the blueprint for the redevelopment of the  other branch libraries.

CL Butchers Pharmacy Library was expanded and refurbished to provide more space, more computers and a training room. The new library was more reflective of the University's status.