Monash University Library Annual Report 1999

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The past year has been a challenging one for the Library, as it developed its strategies in conformance with the vision outlined in Leading the Way Monash 2020. The plan aims "to set 'signposts' for the future of Monash over the next twenty years or more".

Library staff re-affirmed the principal mission of the Library which is to support the teaching, learning, research and community programs of the University by providing seamless and timely access to high quality scholarly information and learning materials that are designed to meet the needs of staff, students, and others wherever they are located within the global Monash, by educating the primary clientele through a variety of information literacy programs to search, retrieve, evaluate and use relevant scholarly information and by providing a rich, well equipped and pleasant learning environment for study and research where appropriate.

Thus the year witnessed a number of key initiatives, developments and events targeted towards this mission.

Download the full report (PDF, 0.39 MB)