Monash University Library Annual Report 2002

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2002 in review

The Monash University Library Annual Report 2002 is the first such report I have had the pleasure of presenting since taking up my appointment on 4 March 2002. The contents reflect the wide range of innovative activities and accomplishments of Monash University Library staff throughout the year, and demonstrate that the university's commitment to, and support of, the library is well justified.

During the year a number of key initiatives were introduced to underpin the future operations of the library, including major changes to the composition and reporting lines of the senior management team, the appointment of five directors to manage the newly introduced divisional structure, and the consequent simplification of the library's committee structure to align with the new divisions.

Members of the Library Management Committee as at December 2002:

  • Cathrine Harboe-Ree, University Librarian
  • Janette Burke, Director, Information Systems (appointed July 2002)
  • Janice Droogleever, Director, Client Services - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Chooi Hon Ho, Director, Corporate Services and International Development
  • Barbara Jacoby, Director, Client Services - Science, Health, Engineering
  • Jill Wilson, Director, Information Resources (appointed July 2002).

New managers appointed during the year were:

  • Peter Morris, Manager, Human Resources;
  • Robet Hornett, Manager, Caulfield Library;
  • Kerin Bryant, Manager, Marketing and Communications;
  • Maxine Cuskelly, Manager, Pharmacy Library.

2002 highlights included:

  • Completion of the Library Strategic Plan 2003-2005 that describes the library's mission, values, vision, key strategic issues and initiatives, goals and objectives. All staff were given the opportunity to contribute their input. [unlinked 01/04/2008]
  • Directors subsequently prepared divisional plans aligned with the initiatives of the overarching plan.
  • Completion of the library's Service Statements and Summary of Services documents as part of the university's Strategic Cost Management project. [unlinked 01/04/2008]
  • The Service Statements provide details of services currently provided to faculties with key performance indicators and measures to track progress and achievement. Services were grouped according to cost drivers identified in a separate activity based costing process.
  • Formation of a library Quality Management Group to oversee and coordinate the Quality Review of the library which is part of a university-wide review in preparation for an audit by the Australian Universities Quality Agency. Planning has commenced for the library's self review and external panel review during 2003.
  • Completion of a development plan by an external consultant for the creation of an electronic press for Monash University. The report has been accepted by the university and the project will commence in early 2003.
  • Finalisation of details for the trial in 2003 of an e-print repository to be managed by the library.
  • Provision of direct access to 17,909 electronic journals linked individually in the Voyager catalogue, as well as direct linking to 6062 electronic books. Within databases, there is access to 36,662 journals and 130,000 electronic books. As well, staff and students from eight faculties can now access electronic journals relevant to their faculty using the discipline-specific lists created by library systems staff
  • The sharp rise in a number of key indicators of library use over 2001 figures: 8.4 per cent increase in library visits (2,790,780); 22.1 per cent increase in loans and renewals (1,550,140); 64 per cent increase in pages digitised for student readings (9103); 5.6 per cent increase in use of databases (1,870,626).
  • The visit by the University Librarian and Director, Corporate Services and Development to Malaysia, which focused on the planning of new library facilities for Monash University Malaysia.
  • The visit to libraries at Clayton campus by the South Africa Campus Librarian for two weeks in November to ensure alignment of policies with Monash Australia and to further progress electronic services provided by the library in Roodepoort and two staff from Malaysia.
  • Awarding of a 2002 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Exceptional Performance by General Staff to twelve staff responsible for the development of the new electronic reserve service, which focuses on production of online reading course lists accessible through Voyager catalogue.
  • Collection of data for a facilities master plan, involving an examination of facilities at all sites by a group of consultants as well as input from staff focus groups. The consultants' report is expected early in 2003. This document will inform planning to ensure a consistent and integrated approach to new and modernised facilities.
  • Completion of the extension to the Hargrave-Andrew Library and the transfer of the collections housed in the former Biomedical Library annex to Hargrave-Andrew Library.
  • The progress made in upgrading and refurbishing a section of the Caulfield Library, as well as the Matheson Library Postgraduate Room, for completion in 2003.
  • Successful sharing of print resources through the intercampus loans trial for postgraduate students and faculty staff between the University of Melbourne's Parkville campus libraries and the Clayton campus libraries at Monash.
  • Installation of wireless network access points in the Matheson and Caulfield libraries as part of a trial strategy to increase options for students to utilise resources within the libraries and to provide flexible delivery options.
  • Completion of a trial library portal and subsequent decision to proceed as a participant of Australian Academic and Research Library Network portal project rather than seeking a stand-alone solution.
  • Retirement of two senior managers after many years of service and fine contribution to the Monash University Library: Marta Chiba, formerly Hargrave-Andrew Librarian, and Janice Droogleever, Matheson Librarian.

Many outstanding achievements are recorded in the body of this report. I wish to record my thanks to staff for their fine efforts in ensuring so many successful outcomes of work undertaken in 2002. I would also like to record my appreciation of the welcome given to me by university staff, library staff and colleagues from other university libraries. I look forward to a challenging year ahead and hope for a highly satisfactory response from our key stakeholders in the customer survey to be undertaken in 2003.

Cathrine Harboe-Ree
University Librarian

Download the full report (PDF, 1.28 MB)