Monash University Library Annual Report 2004

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2004 in review

Cathrine Harboe-Ree, University Librarian

In 2004 Monash University Library continued to make progress towards the realisation of the key strategies designed to improve support for the university's learning, teaching and research activities.

The trends evident in 2003 continued in 2004. A 12.7 per cent increase in library visits in 2003 was followed by a further 9.8 per cent in 2004, with two branches - Sir Louis Matheson and Caulfield - both having more than a million visits each. These increases are occurring in parallel with huge increases in use of electronic resources, but with a gradual decrease in the number of loans and use of reference services. The library recognises these trends and is redirecting its energy towards improving buildings and developing information literacy programs that are integrated into coursework.

A 7.38 per cent increase in the collection acquisitions budget, following a 12.4 per cent increase in 2003, has seen strong growth in the collection, particularly in electronic resources, which should make Monash University's current print and overall electronic resources second to none in the country.

Technology based services were also advanced in 2004, including planning for a significant extension of the Monash University Lectures Online service, the installation of wireless capability in most branches and the negotiation of access to some electronic resources for alumni - a first for Australia.

In 2003 the library, in consultation with the Facilities and Services Division, created a Facilities Master Plan to guide the redevelopment of all libraries. In 2004 a major refurbishment of the Hargrave-Andrew Library - the oldest library at Monash University - commenced, with work due to be completed in the middle of 2005.

The concepts in the Facilities Master Plan have been further refined in 2004, with the introduction of a learning commons concept, which, where implemented, will result in the collocation of key student services, including library, information technology, language and learning services and students services. In working towards this goal, the Information Technology Services help desk on the Clayton campus was relocated into the Sir Louis Matheson Library in late 2003, and plans were developed to combine the student access PC laboratories and the library on the Berwick Campus. In addition, the new campus in Malaysia, which will be constructed in 2005, will incorporate a number of student services into a learning commons precinct, and discussions about other campuses are underway.

Major progress was achieved in 2004 with respect to the library's two significant development projects, the ePress and ARROW (a government funded consortial project Australian Research Repositories Online to the World). The ePress released its first two electronic journals in November, in advance of a formal launch early in 2005, and the ARROW project made substantial progress towards the development of repository software. These two projects, which are designed to support and promote the university's research activities, have allowed Monash University to explore changes in the field of scholarly communication.

This annual report provides more details of the achievements I have highlighted here, as well information about the many services provided and activities undertaken by the library's creative and dedicated staff. I encourage you to read it, and thank library staff publicly for the wonderful work they do.

As well as this overview, the Annual Report contains full details of progress against the 2004 Strategic Plan, together with the following appendices:

  1. Statistics
  2. Key Performance Indicators
  3. Publications, presentations
  4. General Library Committee
  5. Monash University Library ePress Advisory Committee

Download the full report (PDF, 0.74 MB)