Monash University Library Annual Report 2014

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2014 in review

Cathrine Harboe-Ree, University Librarian

The library of the future, which has been emerging over the past decade, is now very evident. Use of electronic resources has risen by 22%, to a staggering 7.9 million accesses, while the physical collections and their use have declined slightly. Over 24 thousand students participated in information research skills development programs, an increase of 12%, and the Library's direct collaboration with faculties increased by 20%.

These statistics reflect years of change, with an increased focus on the value the Library can add to the University, increased engagement with faculties and decreased emphasis on transactional activity. Monash University Library is recognised globally as being in the forefront of libraries that have embraced change and shifted the understanding of what a knowledge management perspective can mean in contemporary higher education.

In collaboration with the eResearch Centre and eSolutions, the Library continued to lead efforts to manage the growing volume of data generated by research at Monash. This was spearheaded by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) funded Imaging Locus project, which is designed to capitalise on the extraordinary confluence of imaging equipment in the Clayton precinct.

Other contributions to the University's scholarly endeavour and stewardship of the University's research output saw the publication by Monash University Publishing of 21 highly regarded new books and 4 journal issues and an 11% increase in content on the Monash University Research Repository, with a 180% increase in use of the articles, images and other content it contains. Monash University Publishing titles attracted extensive coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online, and three were shortlisted for major awards.

While preparations were underway throughout the year for major refurbishments of the Sir Louis Matheson and Caulfield Libraries, there was a 5% increase in use of the libraries to over 3.5 million visits, indicating that the provision of managed study spaces remains a core need for the University.

The degree of transformation described in this Report is only possible because of the efforts of a body of staff that is flexible, outcome oriented and ambitious, and with the engagement and support of the broader University. I commend this Report to you.

July 2015

As well as this overview, the full Report (PDF, 0.19 MB) includes the following appendices providing greater detail than can be included here:

  1. Response to 2014 Plan
  2. Key statistics 2014
  3. Visitors, memberships and committees
  4. Publications and presentations
  5. Visitors, memberships and committees:
          Copyright Advisory Group
          Monash University Publishing Advisory Committee
          Research Data Management Advisory Group