Quality at Monash University Library

The Library is committed to the Monash quality cycle implemented through the Office of Planning and Quality . Its core values and principles are focussed on:

  • creating the agenda (fitness for purpose)
  • quality as a professional responsibility
  • encouraging the development of a learning organisation
  • valuing diversity, devolution and comparable treatment
  • an open and informed approach to quality
  • a planned and systematic approach to quality
  • valuing self-reflection and external reference

Based on the Monash planning and review cycle: Plan > Act > Monitor > Improve, the Library conducted its first Quality Review in 2003 and had input into the Quality Audit Portfolio prepared for the AUQA review in 2006. The library undertook its next Quality Review in 2010.

The Library annual plan is reviewed annually and drives improvement in service. Many of the recommendations from the quality reviews have been acted upon within the planning process. The plan reflects wider Monash University goals and strategies. The library's annual report summarised the progress made towards achieving this cycle of improvement.

The Library conducts a biennial survey of library users. The results of these surveys are fed into our planning cycle and areas identified for improvement are acted upon. The library also conducts other surveys to inform reviews of particular services.

Further details of Monash University Library's Quality activities are available from the Manager, Strategy and Planning.