Library Quality Review 2003

The Library participated in Monash University's quality review project in 2003. The University developed a review timetable in preparation for audit by the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA).

A self review (internal assessment) of Library operations was undertaken by Library staff during February and March 2003.

In February 2003, a PowerPoint presentation - Quality Review 2003: improving Library services was used as one means of advising library staff of the project. The initial involvement of staff throughout the Library was then invited at meetings with directors and site managers at all campuses.

This process resulted in the Self Review Report that served to inform the review panel who conducted an external review of the Library in July 2003. The information in this report was current as at March 2003. Some information and data has since been superseded.

The recommendations in the subsequent report generated from the panel's visit formed the basis of a series of initiatives for implementation to improve services to Library customers. Actions have been integrated into Library planning documents and processes to reflect the ongoing improvement cycle (plan, act, evaluate, improve). The Library has many processes in place which demonstrate its commitment to quality. Some are shown in the four diagrams in the quality charts.

This summary of the library's quality review provides an general overview of the stages of the project. This review chart summarises the steps for the self review and the review panel process. Details of the approach taken in the self review are provided on the poster.

Further details of the library's quality review program are available from the Library Planning Executive, Office of the University Librarian.