Review process

Summary Document : this document is an adaptation of the Centre for Higher Education Quality (CHEQ) brochure "Guidelines for Support Services Review".

Review process

Unit of review

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Planning) has scheduled a review of Monash University Library in 2003. The Monash University Librarian reports directly to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Planning).


Monash University Library is the central support service for the university's learning, teaching and research programs, both on and off campus.

The purpose of the review of library services is to assure the quality of the university's library services and to utilise learning from this process in order to effect improvement.

Guiding principles for review

The guiding principles for review fit within the values and principles outlined in Quality at Monash: Values and Principles. In that document, seven key areas of values and principles are identified including:

  • creating the agenda in terms of fitness for purpose;
  • recognition that quality is the professional responsibility of each individual and work group;
  • the best way to effect quality assurance and accountability is through continuous quality improvement based on collaboration and the development of a learning organisation;
  • a commitment to develop policy so as to assure comparable treatment in all areas of the university, while leaving room for different areas to develop implementation for their particular contexts;
  • the value of an open, thoughtful and complementary approach to quality informed by international research and scholarship;
  • a planned and systematic approach to quality including ensuring that the results of monitoring and evaluation are fed back in order to effect improvement;
  • recognition that external points of reference provide valuable perspectives for further reflection and action.

In addition to the values and principles outlined in Quality at Monash: Values and Principles, some of the most important guiding principles for review are as follows:

  1. The strategic directions of the university are of central importance for all reviews;
  2. Benchmarking leading to improvement is strongly encouraged, as is input from stakeholders;
  3. Support Services reviews consider the effectiveness of policies, planning, processes and procedures, particularly as they are demonstrated through outcomes. Reviews encourage a focus on outcomes.

Reporting on progress towards key library objectives is informed by:

  • customer opinion: the extent to which customer service is delivered and customer satisfaction is achieved;
  • internal processes: the efficiency (demonstrated by documentation of procedures) and effectiveness of internal processes and procedures;
  • learning and growth: knowledge, skills, creativity and innovation within the library, contributing to future growth and change.

Scope of review

The review consists of two essential components - the self review and the panel review and is a comprehensive examination of processes relating to:

  • organizational structure
  • leadership and management
  • human resources
  • quality assurance and improvement
  • physical resources, including information technology
  • library resources to support teaching and research
  • library services to support to support teaching and research
  • global activities and partnerships
  • participation in activities of the library/information profession
  • community involvement

Review cycle

Processes will be put in place to ensure future library reviews. It may be appropriate to review divisions of the library at separate times, with an overall review of all functions every five years.

The library's quality program will be reported upon annually to staff and key university administrators. Information obtained from routine and more frequent performance feedback and monitoring mechanisms, including customer surveys and staff opinion surveys, will provide input to such reviews. As well, the library's Service Level Agreement will be monitored and reviewed annually with each faculty.

Communication of the Library Quality Review

The library will publicise key documents relating to the quality review on the About the library page, Reports page.

Progress of the self review and the subsequent panel review will be documented and made available to staff upon request.