Self review

The first phase of the review process is the self review. The library's Quality Review Manager will commence the collection of data and information for the self review process in January 2003. The self review will provide an opportunity for the library to consider its directions, progress, achievements and strengths, as well as areas for development and improvement and the means of achieving these.

Quality Management Group

The library's Quality Management Group (QMG) will manage the self review and produce the self review document. The QMG comprises:

Chooi-Hon Ho - Director, Corporate Services and Development (and Quality Review Sponsor)

Other members
Cathrine Harboe-Ree - University Librarian
Janette Burke - Director, Information Systems
Christine Cooze, Acting Director, Client Services - Humanities and Social Sciences
Barbara Jacoby - Director, Client Services - Science, Health and Engineering
Jill Wilson - Director, Information Resources
Marie Pernat - Senior Librarian, Planning and Projects (Quality Review Manager)
Jill Dixon - Quality Advisor, Support Services (CHEQ)

Contact person
Senior Policy Officer, Office of the University Librarian

A number of self review groups will be formed within the divisions of the library to inform the quality review. Each group will be responsible to a director who will oversee the process, in accordance with the guidelines provided by the QMG. Groups will be formed in early 2003.

The duties of the Quality Review Manager include:

For the self review:

  • scheduling and recording proceedings of QMG meetings
  • preparing a detailed quality review project brief with action timelines
  • collection of documentation to inform the review
  • drafting the self review document, in conjunction with the convenor and other members of the QMG

For the panel review:

  • acting as executive secretary to the review panel
  • coordinating the review panel visits

Self review document

The QMG will produce a 5,000-7,000 word document, with up to 20 additional pages of appendices and with an executive summary up to three pages. This document forms the basis for the panel review that will follow. It will be structured to reflect the terms of reference adopted by the QMG.

The fundamental purpose of the self review document is to provide a summary of the outcomes of the self review process, and to identify areas where the unit is performing well and areas where opportunities for improvement have been identified. A 'helicopter view' will be taken, giving an overview of all relevant aspects of the library according to the terms of reference, and allowing for closer scrutiny of particular areas where needed.

Documentation to inform the self review

  • In developing the self review document, the following information and data will be provided:
  • Mission statement
  • Library Strategic Plan 2003-2005
  • Divisional plans
  • Library annual reports for last two years
  • Senior staff organisational chart
  • Committee structure
  • Summary of services
  • Service statements with performance indicators and measures
  • Brochures, guides and web information relating to services
  • Budget data including library budget; book and materials budget; library financial report (income sources, reserves and financial viability of operations)
  • Facilities planning documentation
  • Equipment audit lists
  • Information technology audit lists
  • Performance indicators and measures
  • Stakeholder consultation and survey results
  • Customer data - student and staff - including usage rates, patterns and satisfaction
  • Staffing profile (including level, division, workload)
  • Staff training and development activities
  • Staff induction manual
  • Quality planning charts
  • Relevant statistics
  • Library website and site map
  • Library Quality Review summary document
  • Other documentation relevant to the terms of reference.

The review panel, which will be informed by the self review document, will also be provided with copies of the following support documentation:

  • Leading the Way
  • Global Development Framework and Plan
  • Quality at Monash: Values and Principles (CHEQ)
  • Guidelines for Support Services Review (CHEQ)
  • Other relevant university policies and documents