Computer availability

"A computer is available when I need one."

What the Library is doing about it:

  • We are reviewing how to best meet the demand for computers.

    The reality is all of our libraries have space constraints. We need to balance the competing need for computers, study space and our collections. We are unable to add any more computers at Matheson and Caulfield, two of our busiest libraries. We are looking at working with other computer facilities in each campus to help meet student demand. We are developing a program to show real-time computer availability in the libraries and will trial its use in 2012.

  • We aim to make laptop use more desirable

    Annual surveys conducted by the University indicate increasing student ownership of laptops. We encourage owners to use their laptops in the library. We have added a total of 498 power points across several libraries, and will keep adding them. We continue to work with eSolutions in ensuring more reliable and simultaneous wireless connectivity. We will progress the work to make wireless printing available.

  • We will not block social networking sites but will promote considerate use of computers

    Given the range of disciplines studied at Monash it would be quite difficult to restrict the use of specific web sites. Many ‘recreational’ sites, such as Facebook, can be used as learning tools. Also, sites that appear not to be study-related can be used by students for their course. For example, a sports web page could be relevant to research being done by students studying Sport and Outdoor Recreation.