Library good for study

"The library is a good place to study."

What the Library is doing about it:

  • We aim to progressively refurbish our libraries and refresh older areas.

    We understand the importance of a library environment that is welcoming and a pleasure to use. Our program to refurbish and update our facilities depends on funding. In the last three years we have refurbished the Pharmacy Library and redeveloped the upper level of Gippsland Library into a modern group study area. Both have been well received and are very popular with students and staff. We are in the early stages of planning for the Caulfield Library upgrade, and improvements are planned for the Matheson Library.

    We are also implementing ways to improve the performance and functionality of our buildings, light fittings and light management and better management of air flow.

  • We are committed to providing service to users with a disability.

    We try to ensure that all staff and students with a disability are able to access the libraries, their resources and services. There is a Disability Contact Officer at every branch, as well as adaptive technology facilities with accessible software and equipment.

  • We are reviewing our food and drink policy.

    We have conflicting demands from users regarding food and drink. We acknowledge that students often work long hours in the library. At the same time we are aware of the implications of allowing food and drink including such issues as smell, rubbish disposal, cleaning and staff having to monitor the ban on hot food.