Quiet study places

"I can find a quiet place in the library to study when I need to"

What the Library is doing about it:

  • We are improving our study spaces where we can.

    Where space will allow, we are adding more individual study workstations with power points and replacing some of the furniture in quiet areas to reflect the study style. We understand that the bigger issue is crowding, particularly in Matheson and Caulfield, two of our busiest libraries and both of which have not been refurbished. In planning for the Caulfield Library refurbishment we are looking at how we can extend and maximise the space. We are upgrading furniture in Matheson and investigating ways of reorganising it to provide better zoning.
  • We will monitor quiet study areas more closely.

    We will have Library staff actively enforcing quiet study regulations, in addition to adequate signs clearly communicating that mobile phones are not to be used in quiet study areas.