Using search

"Search is easy to use."

What the Library is doing about it:

  • We will continue to improve Search in response to user feedback and communicate the changes being made.

    Search is a relatively new product and we are working with the software vendor to make it easier to use. It is designed to find resources from a range of sources, including journal articles through the databases, e-books and electronic journals that the Library subscribes to, as well as Past Exams, Lectures Online, Reading Lists, ARROW Repository content, e-theses and more. This means that when you look for something in Search, you will usually find some information from a broad range of sources. If you see a large number of results, Search allows you to limit to the type of resource you’re interested in.
  • We run classes and workshops.

    We regularly offer quick introductions and advanced sessions on using Search at the start of each semester. We train staff so that they are equipped to explain and teach Search to users. We are developing Frequently Asked Questions to facilitate quick and accurate responses to queries about Search.