Library user survey 2013

Thank you to the 4936 Library users who participated in the survey in May 2013. We appreciate your feedback.

What are we going to do in response to the survey results?

  • Monitor computers and spaces to ensure more equitable use
  • Add more quiet and group study where space is available
  • Introduce new Search functionality
  • Work with eSolutions on improving wireless access and printing

How you rated us

  • Overall performance: 77.1% out of 100
  • Overall satisfaction: 5.38 out of 7

Where we performed best

  • Library staff
  • Self service options
  • Remote access to resources
  • Online resources

Where there is room for improvement

  • Computers
  • Study spaces
  • Library website
  • Search /The Library catalogue
  • Wireless

2013 Library User Survey

In May 2013 the Library ran its seventh biennial user survey online. The survey generated a strong response rate of 4936 from staff and students in Australia.

The responses have now been analysed and the results compared with previous survey results for Monash as well as with those of 38 other participating university libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

The survey recorded an overall performance score of 77.1%, which was a slight improvement on the last survey of 76.6%. The Library performed best in the category of Library Staff. Other overall categories that have improved very slightly since the last survey were Service Delivery and Facilities and Equipment.

The survey results allow us to identify the areas to prioritise in the coming years. By looking at where a statement was rated as high in importance but the Library's performance was rated low, we can see where users think we most need to improve.