Library user survey 2017

Monash University Library ran its ninth biennial user survey online in September 2017. A record 5,348 respondents completed the survey and we thank each one of them.

The survey results have been analyzed and compared with previous Monash survey results and with results of other university libraries in the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) database. Several changes to the benchmarking survey questions were introduced this year.

The survey results allow us to identify the areas to prioritise in the coming years. By looking at where a statement was rated as high in importance but the Library's performance was rated low, we can see where users think we most need to improve.

How you rated us

  • Overall performance: 76.7% out of 100, up from 74.2%
  • Overall satisfaction: 5.56 out of 7, up from 5.19

Where we performed best

  • Wireless access
  • Online resources
  • Remote access to resources
  • Self-service options
  • Help from Library staff

Where there is room for improvement

  • Quiet place to study
  • Place to work in a group
  • Computers and laptop facilities

None of these areas for improvement had a significant gap score of 2.0 and above.

What are we going to do in response to the survey results?

  • We will conduct a post-refurbishment evaluation of Matheson and Caulfield Libraries to assess use of the different spaces and we will make adjustments. 
  • We will work with Buildings and Property Division on refurbishment plans for the Hargrave-Andrew, Law, Peninsula and Pharmacy Libraries, to provide more contemporary and inclusive teaching and learning environments.
  • In 2018, we will add 250 seats at Hargrave-Andrew Library.
  • We will review computer usage and requirements. We will work with eSolutions to improve speed and maintenance of computers in the libraries.

“Hargrave-Andrew Library is always so loud (noisy) and when I do group work it's usually hard to find a space.  Some power points won't let people charge in the 'quiet study' area. I just think the layout is dated and needs to be re-evaluated for the students it holds.”

“Oftentimes Matheson is over-congested and difficult to find a spot for quiet study.”

“Overall, the improvement of Caulfield Library is obvious. But, lack of quiet study places is still a serious problem. I cannot find a seat to study after 11:30am and even if I find one, the environment is noisy. I would prefer more quiet study area. The discussion area is more than enough right now.”

“Unfortunately, the main issue in the Law Library is space these days due to higher intakes than when I started uni. Group tables are a valuable commodity and upstairs desks fill up quickly especially near exams.”

“The Pharmacy Library offers a fair number of quiet areas to study … It would be great if they had more power plugs in each individual study space as well. More group study areas such as discussion rooms would be great as the current group study area is in an open setting with close proximity between tables which makes it uncomfortable to discuss openly.”

“The Peninsula Library barely provides any spaces where you can plug in your laptop to charge, this is why I would often go somewhere else to study. There are only a couple of particular spots you can do this.”

“There are a few computers that are not working right and it takes 8 to 10 minutes to load the computer. Improvement in speed and maintenance of the computer to make sure it is working properly will be appreciated.”