Giving to the Library

In a time of great and continuing change in higher education, technology, research and scholarly communication, the Library has to be nimble and responsive to the University’s strategic directions. The Library is committed to students’ developing critical thinking, problem-solving and research skills that will increase their employability, and to graduates’ contributing to our community and being inspired by life-long learning. The Library has a key part to play in the full research and education lifecycle, an ability to create and sustain outstanding environments, and to provide leadership with eLearning and new technologies.

As a leading academic library, we connect Monash staff and students with the best available learning and research resources to discover, question and create, and link the broader community with resources, spaces and public programs that enrich their experience.

Our work continues to grow. Our enthusiasm to improve students’ experience and increase staff impact also grows. You can support the Library in a number of ways.

Financial gifts

Your donation can improve outcomes for students, staff and the community, through the purchase of academic and special collections, rare and unique items, creation of digital library collections or improvements to Library learning environments and resources.

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Cultural gifts

We welcome enquiries about donations of cultural significance being made under the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. You could benefit from a tax deduction based on the market value of your donation.


We accept donations of materials only if they enhance the collection and enrich the University's teaching or research.

However, we are unable to accept textbooks, mainstream academic titles, print journals and other readily available works.

We may be interested in suitable rare and obscure books and non-book items. Please contact the Special Collections Manager about any potential donations before sending items to the Library.