Men of Stamina, women who Dare

This Rare Books collection exhibition of advertisements and advertising ephemera surprises us as it reveals signs of changing social values in Australia and internationally over time. Thus, each item is an important cultural artefact and social document.

The items on display are but a fraction of such material held in Rare Books. The library has been collecting advertising materials and other ephemera since the early 1990's in support of research by social historians.

The exhibition can be seen from 27 March – 5 June 2014 at the Rare Books Exhibition space, Level 1, ISB wing, Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton campus, Monash University.


Gene Bawden, Deputy Head, Design, (Communication Design), Department of Design, Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture.

When the upwardly mobile middleclass of the nineteenth century discovered the delights of leisure, comfort and a disposable income, they required clues on how best to indulge these wicked new temptations. While promotional material has existed since the invention of the printing press, it was the avid consumers of the nineteenth century and their appetite for the latest and most fashionable that bore forth the industry of persuasion.  Read more