Recent acquisitions 4

This is the fourth "Recent Acquisitions" exhibition we have held and includes material acquired since 2001.

Among the highlights are hand-coloured illustrations of the Aborigines from 1813; "Black Valentines," hand-coloured, from 1850, to send to people you don't like; Yoko before John; a murder solved by a jig-saw puzzle; comics of "sharehousehold hell";  science-fiction from World War I; and an Australian children's book from 1938, with the title, Gipsy Boy in Torture Town.

In addition we have the first pictures from the dark side of the moon, taken by Russian satellite in 1960; and magazine covers featuring Christmas themes, summer scenes, and portraits of such people from our past as the Sara quads, Princess Lee Radziwill, and Tania Verstak.

The exhibition shows a slice of our holdings, cut to reveal the many fields in which we collect.

Curator: Richard Overell, Rare Books Librarian
When: 15 December 2005 to 31 March 2006.
Where: level 1, ISB wing, Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton campus.