Recent acquisitions 6

Every two or three years we do an exhibition of “Recent  Acquisitions.” This gives us the opportunity of showing material we have  acquired during that time in subject areas which have already been featured in  our regular series of exhibitions. Among the items on display are examples of ephemera,  works of literature and Australian history, children’s books and games, some of  our material on Indigenous Australians, women, tourism, the home, useful books, medical  books, and sport.Especially showcased are two significant recent donations.  One is from the firm, Rock Posters, which puts up the posters seen around  Melbourne advertising pop concerts and dances; the other is probably the most  comprehensive collection in Australia of the works of the poet and novelist  Robert Graves. This was donated by retired antiquarian bookseller, Jack  Bradstreet.

The items on display formed only a small fraction of the material  acquired since “Recent Acquisitions 5” was shown in May 2009. The total number  of books catalogued into our collection exceeded 140,000 in 2011. It is a fine  collection and helps establish Monash University as one of the foremost  research institutions in Australia.

The exhibition could be seen  from  8 December 2011 - 5 March 2012 at the Rare Books Exhibition space, Level 1, ISB wing, Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton campus, Monash University.