Policy and governance

Policy framework

In December 2010, Monash University's Academic Board approved two key policy documents:

In 2011, the Research Graduate School Committee developed and endorsed a further document:

In adopting this policy and these procedures Monash University:

  • commits to improving compliance with the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research (2018)
  • supports guidelines and initiatives designed to improve access to publicly funded research data
  • commits to managing research data in line with the highest ethical standards in research recognises significant value in the data generated by its large investment in research, including value for other researchers or the wider community
  • recognises that access to research data can raise the research profile of individuals and institutions, increase returns on public investment, promote open inquiry and debate, and enable innovative uses of data that may not have been foreseen by the researchers at the time of its creation.


Governance structures for research data management are firmly in place at Monash University.

In December 2006, the e-Research Subcommittee on Data Management was formed for the purpose of drafting a data management policy for Monash University. In 2008-09, the group's name was changed to the Research Data Management Subcommittee (RDMSC) and broader terms of reference were agreed. In 2010 the group's reporting line was amended so that the group now reports to the Monash Research Committee.

In 2009 the Research Data Management Advisory Group was established to provide a forum for greater faculty input into research data management discussions.