Getting started

To access electronic resources or to use a library computer, you need a current Monash computer account. You will need to use your Monash username, e.g. jkz12, and password to login.

New to Monash? Check out our IT tips.

Library computers

Computer workstations are provided for student use within the Library and provide access to Library online resources, the internet, and a wide range of word processing and other software. They are connected to the M-Pass printing system.  You can listen to recorded lectures and other audio material on them provided you bring your own headphones.

Express PCs are also provided in each library so that you can quickly use Search to locate a book or print out a document when a regular PC is not available.

Because the number of computer workstations is limited you are requested to restrict your use of computers to study-related activities. When you use a library computer you must also comply with the University's Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

PC Finder

PC Finder is now available to help you locate a vacant computer.

To find a free computer:

  • visit PC Finder online
  • if you have the Monash iPhone app, check PC Finder under Library.

Non-Monash visitors

Community members and visitors can use express PCs to locate resources at all libraries, and may be able to access some Library databases from a designated 'visitor' workstation at all libraries. Enquire at the information point for assistance.

In general, access to word processing and the internet at the University is restricted to students and staff.  Visit your local public library to use these programs.