When you use a computer or other piece of equipment at the libraries to listen to recordings you need to bring your own headphones as they are not supplied.

Listening to lectures and viewing audiovisual material

  • You can listen to recorded lectures or view video presentations on regular computers at any library.
  • Mediascape tables at all libraries can be used by students for joint viewing of audiovisual material as well as group work on project documents when not being used by Library staff for consultations.
  • At Peninsula Library, viewing facilities for audio-visual materials are available in group study rooms on level two.
  • Video and DVD players are available for use at Hargrave-Andrew Library (level one); at the Law Library there is a DVD player (level four).

Listening to music at Matheson

The Music and Multimedia section on level one of the Matheson Library has specialised equipment for listening to music. Individual carrels containing compact disc, audio cassette players and turntables are available near the Music and Multimedia collection.

Please remember to bring your own headphones for listening to music on a computer.

Enquiries should be directed to the Music and Multimedia Coordinator.

Microform/microfiche scanners:

Items such as back issues of newspapers and journals may be presented on microform, microfiche or microfilm. Readers for these materials are available at:

  • Matheson Library - lower ground level
  • Caulfield Library - level two
  • Peninsula Library - level two
  • Hargrave-Andrew Library - level one