Arts faculty team

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Contact Subject Librarians directly for specialist queries in the following areas:

  • Janet McGarry, Caulfield
    Communications, Media Studies, Film and Journalism, Politics and International Relations, International Studies, Tourism, Philosophy, Sociology
  • Melanie Thorn, Clayton
    Historical Studies, Religious Studies, International Studies, Ancient Cultures
  • Susannah Phillips, Clayton 
    Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Literary Studies and Creative Writing, Italian and French Studies, plus Spanish and Latin American Studies
  • Jung Sim Kim, Clayton
    Korean Studies, English as an International Language, Translation and Interpreting Studies, Film and Screen Studies
  • Xiaoju Liu, Clayton
    Chinese Studies
  • Anne Melles, Clayton
    Women's and Gender Studies
  • Louise Micallef, Clayton
    Human Geography, Jewish Civilisation, Politics and International Relations, Human Bioethics
  • Dr Rheny Pulungan, Clayton
    Indonesian Studies, Anthropology, Indigenous Cultures & Histories, Criminology
  • Deanna Ramsey (Acting)
    Slavic Studies, German Studies
  • Ayako Rankins, Clayton
    Japanese Studies, Communication Studies
  • Jackie Waylen,Clayton
    Theatre and Performance Studies, and Music