Library terms of use


Subject to these Terms of Use, the facilities of the Monash University Library (the ‘Library’) are available to members of Council, members of staff and students of the University; and other persons determined by the University Librarian as ‘users’.


All users of the Library have a right to pursue their research or study without unnecessary disturbance or distraction and have an obligation to respect the rights of others. The Library manages a suite of materials, services, activities, programmes and facilities to enable users’ study and research.

Users of Monash University Library must:

  • respect the right of others to study, learn and research in the Library;
  • show or surrender their Monash University ID card, Associate or Reciprocal Borrower's card or other form of photo ID when requested by a member of Library staff ;
  • present all materials, contents of bags and cases for inspection on request by a member of staff, or when the security alarm indicates that an item may have been incompletely loaned;
  • comply with all laws, University statutes, regulations, policies and terms of use. These include the University’s Information Technology use policies and the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968, the Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000 and other amendments and regulations currently in force;
  • comply with official notices displayed within the Library and on its online services;
  • comply with any reasonable direction made by a member of staff.

Use of library materials

Terms of use for electronic resources

The Library's electronic resources are governed by licence agreements which restrict use to the Monash community and to walk-in users who must be responsible for limiting use to non-commercial academic research or learning purposes, and must not systematically download, distribute, or retain substantial portions of information. Copyright and proprietary notices must not be removed from any printed or downloaded material and all material used must be cited appropriately. The use of unauthorised scripts, agents or robot software is prohibited and may result in the loss of access to the resources for the user and/or the entire Monash community. Users are also legally required to comply with any additional terms of use specified in an electronic resource.

Staff should note that any use of electronic resources for teaching purposes must comply with the contractual terms of use of the electronic resource from which the material was sourced.

Users found to be in breach of these terms of use will be suspended from access to all purchased and subscribed electronic resources, and may suffer additional penalties in accordance with the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Facilities by Students Policy and/or the Information Technology Use Policy - Staff and Other Authorised Users.

Terms of use for other materials

A person must not remove from the Library –

  • Library materials designated as not for loan; or
  • any other Library material –
    • unless a loan has been recorded in accordance with current Library procedures; or
    • without permission from a member of staff.


Borrowing materials

For materials that can be borrowed the University Librarian will determine –

  • the number of items that a user may have on loan; and
  • the period for which the materials may be borrowed.


During the period of a loan, the user who borrowed the materials is responsible for their care and safekeeping.

Library materials on loan must be returned –

  • to the Library on or prior to the specified time and date;
  • in response to a request or notice made to the user by a member of staff.


Reserve material

Reserve material must be returned to the branch library from which it was borrowed, on or prior to the specified time and date.

Fees and fines

The University Librarian determines and publishes fines for late return of borrowed materials.
In a case of late return, a notice requiring payment of the resulting fine will be sent to the user.

Where Library materials-

  • are not returned; or
  • are returned in a damaged state -
        irrespective of any overdue fines the user may be required to pay, an additional fee determined by the University Librarian to be the cost of replacing or repairing the Library materials, including a processing charge, may be applicable.


Any amount payable must be paid by the user. Failure to do so may result in encumbrance of a user’s account by the University.


Any person who is causing a disturbance will be asked to leave. Users are reminded to be considerate of others, and to mute mobile phones on entry to the Library.

Hot or messy food must not be brought into the Library.


A member of staff who is of the opinion that a user has failed to comply with these Terms of Use may request the user to produce his or her user identification; and may order the person to leave the library.

Where a user has  -

  • repeatedly -
    • returned Library materials after the due return date;
    • returned Library materials in a damaged state; or
    • failed to return Library materials;
  • refused to comply with a request or order ; or
  • not paid fees or fines within the time required –

the following will apply.


After giving the user reasonable opportunity to be heard, the University Librarian may forbid the user to enter the Library or to borrow Library materials or both, for such period and under such conditions as the University Librarian determines.

Failure to comply with the above may also result in a student’s account being encumbered by the University.


The University Librarian may delegate all or any of the powers and functions of the University Librarian to any other member of staff.


Any communication with individual users will be sent to the email address recorded in the user’s record on the Library’s management system.

Official notices, directed to the whole user community, will be displayed within the Library, including online.

These Terms of use (PDF, 0.05 MB) can be downloaded.