Monash University Publishing

Established in 2010, Monash University Publishing publishes scholarship of the highest standard across the humanities and social sciences; it specialises in Asian Studies, Politics, Education, Communications, and the study of Australian history, culture and literature.

The press publishes the scholarly work of both Monash and non-Monash authors. To facilitate access to high quality scholarly material, most books are published online for free, often after a short embargo period.

The press's charter:

Monash University Publishing is Monash University's publishing imprint.

Monash University Publishing will add a high level of value to the University by:

  1. Publishing scholarly work of the highest quality, ensured by rigorous peer review
  2. Maximising the impact of Monash University Publishing titles
  3. Representing the breadth and energy of Monash University research interests (while not excluding contributors from anywhere)
  4. Promoting the free exchange of knowledge
  5. Playing a coordinating role in the production and dissemination of Monash's scholarly publications, and
  6. Providing a body of publishing expertise within the University.

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