Seamless access to electronic resources

The Library enables seamless, secure access to Library electronic resources anytime, anywhere.

OpenAthens is the Library's identity and access management service and is integrated with the Monash multi-factor authentication (MFA) Okta, so you can use your Monash account and be confident your personal data is not released to external organisations. You only need to sign in once and be able to move from resource to resource faster.

What's different?

There's little change to how you access Library resources but you’ll enjoy some added benefits.

  • You can seamlessly access Library resources without the need to start from the Library website.  OpenAthens will enable direct access to journal articles, ebooks, streaming videos and other electronic resources from a Google search, or directly from a resource such as ScienceDirect or Informit. It will reduce the frustrating ‘Pay for full text’ limitations you experienced when attempting to access resources directly.
  • If you are accessing resources from Library services like Library Search or your Reading List these links will work the same way they do now.
  • If you use EndNote or other Reference Management tools you will only need to update your Find Full Text settings.
  • If you use MyBookshelf or other personal account functions available in some Library resources you will no longer need to create and remember separate logins to access these.  Instead these functions will be tied to your University account and be instantly available. You will need to either merge the contents of your current account with your new University associated personal account or copy the content you want to keep in your new account. The Library will provide some tips on how to do this so watch this space.
  • Some links from Moodle bookmarks on your browser to Library resources could stop working. If this happens, you will need to update the links using a link generator tool.

The Library has introduced OpenAthens earlier this year so it's ready for your return at the beginning of second semester.

Find out more about OpenAthens and how it affects you.