General Library Committee (discontinued)

General Library Committee (GLC), a standing committee of Academic Board, was discontinued by the Board at its meeting on 7th August 2013.


  • To act as an advisory committee to the Academic Board
  • To provide a forum for the provision of advice and guidance on the strategic operation and direction of Monash University Library.

Terms of Reference

  1. To comment and advise on the strategic direction of Library policy in the context of the aims and objectives of university and faculty plans.
  2. To advise the University Librarian on the distribution of the Library materials budget.
  3. To consider the financial needs of the Library and to provide relevant advice to the Academic Board and other appropriate bodies.
  4. To report to the Academic Board on significant Library initiatives.
  5. To consider matters referred to it by the Academic Board.
  6. To monitor the application of the service level agreements and to recommend changes as appropriate.


Chair - Appointed by the Academic Board
Vice-Chancellor, or Nominee
Vice-President (Finance), or Nominee
Representatives (2) of the Academic Board
Representative of the Strategy and Resources Committee
University Librarian (ex officio)
Library Directors (3) (ex officio)
One representative from each faculty (10)
Representative of the Monash Postgraduate Association
Representatives (3) of Monash Undergraduate student associations
Coopted members as required