Library Quality Review 2010

The Library participates in Monash University's quality review project. Support Services Reviews are a part of the project and are undertaken by all units on a five yearly cycle.

The purpose of Monash University support services reviews is to assist the University to assure itself of the quality of its support services, and to utilise learning from this developmental process to effect ongoing quality improvement.

The guiding principles for reviews are based on the University’s quality cycle and include consideration of the University’s strategic directions, benchmarking leading to improvement and input from stakeholders. Through reviews the University encourages a focus on outcomes as a measure of the effectiveness of processes and procedures. The Terms of Reference detail the goals and process for the Review.

In late 2009 planning commenced to undertake the next Library Quality Review during 2010. Support services reviews proceed through the following stages detailed in the Support Services Reviews Policy:

  1. a self-review and preparation of a self review report
  2. a call for submissions from stakeholders;
  3. a review by an external panel and the preparation of a review report;
  4. preparation of an action plan;
  5. reporting to and consultation with the Senior Management Team and the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning and Quality); and
  6. reporting on implementation of recommendations 12 months after lodgement of the review report and action plan.

Further details of the Library’s quality review program are available from the Library Planning Executive, Office of the University Librarian.