Library user survey 2011

In May 2011 the Library ran its sixth biennial user survey online. A total of 3181 responses were received from students, staff and other library users. This response figure is equal to about seven percent of the University population.

The responses have now been analysed and the results compared with previous survey results for Monash as well as with those of 40 other participating university libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

Whilst we recorded higher scores in all but one category (see Survey summary report - pdf 423KB), the increases were modest compared to the sector-wide improvements that have taken place across all categories, including service delivery, library staff, communication, and to a lesser extent, facilities and equipment. The most dramatic improvements sector-wide were in information resources.

The survey results allow us to identify the areas to prioritise in the coming years. By looking at where a statement was rated as high in importance but the Library's performance was rated low, we can see where users think we most need to improve.

How you rated us

  • Overall performance: 76.6% out of 100
  • Overall satisfaction: 5.37 out of 7

What you particularly liked

  • Library staff
  • Self service (eg self loans, requests, renewals, holds)
  • Remote access to resources
  • Online resources (eg ejournals, databases, ebooks)
  • Face-to-face enquiry services
  • Information resources (eg books, journals, DVDs)
  • Wireless access

Where you think we can do better

  • Computer availability
  • Quiet and group study spaces
  • Search, catalogue and the website
  • Finding items in the library
  • Laptop facilities
  • Opening hours

What we are going to do about it

How we are performing

Monash University Library Client Survey results, May 2011 - Weighted performance index

and equipment
Library staff Information resources


Weighting 15% 22% 18% 20% 25% 100%
Monash 2011 74.2% 75.2 % 68.2% 86.0% 78.0% 76.6%
Monash 2009 73.9% 74.1 % 69.1% 84.7% 77.2% 76.1%
Highest performer
in database
80.6% 86.2% 83.2% 92.0% 82.6% 83.8%
Median 75.6% 77.3% 72.1% 87.3% 78.0% 78.5%
Lowest performer
in database
69.1% 55.6% 64.3% 81.4% 69.7% 73.2%