Finding items in library

"The items I’m looking for on the library shelves are usually there."

What the Library is doing about it:

  • We are constantly reviewing signs in the library.

    We have shelf-end signs indicating call numbers. Given the range of subjects in the library, adding subjects to the signs would create a lot of confusion. One aisle could possibly have many different subjects and books on a subject could be at various locations in the library. We encourage you to ask for assistance anytime.

  • We are happy to do the shelving

    Library shelvers will put the books back in the right order. We have provided sorting shelves and trolleys where you can put the books you browsed but do not wish to borrow.

    We are reviewing the procedure for replacing missing books. We are also reviewing our ebook policy with a view to providing an electronic copy if available. Online books are available anywhere, anytime and library users do not need to find them on the shelf.