Group work

"I can find a place in the library to work in a group when I need to."

What the Library is doing about it:

  • We are in the early stages of planning for a Caulfield Library upgrade.

    One of our key objectives is to increase the library floor space. In the interim, there are study spaces across the campuses that have been opened up for student use particularly during the run up to the exams. Additionally, the University is exploring options for study areas outside the Library.
  • We are improving group study spaces where we can.

    Beginning Semester Two, 2011 Peninsula Library will have two new meeting rooms for students on Level two. The rooms are equipped with large screens for group work, so that students can plug in their laptops and work together. This year Matheson Library opened up a large area on the ground floor for group study. Six new glass boards have been installed, as well as two portable white boards and a large table with a TV screen. In the last two years the redeveloped upper level of Gippsland Library has been recreated as a large, flexible group study space fitted with the latest technology for collaborative work. We have added 115 seats in Gippsland, 69 in Peninsula, 48 at Hargrave-Andrew and three in Pharmacy libraries.