Janette Burke – Interim University Librarian

Ms Burke is responsible for all aspects of the Library with a particular focus on building conducive learning and research environments, enhancing the relevancy and discovery of our information resources, building staff capability and delivering enriched programs and outreach.

Professional background

Ms Burke joined Monash in 2002 and has held various roles as Director, Information Systems, Corporate Services and Resources. Prior to her current appointment she held various positions and worked in several universities, including the University of Wollongong and the University of Central Queensland.

Professional interests

Ms Burke is particularly passionate about physical and virtual spaces and the importance of meeting student requirements in a rapidly changing environment. Ms Burke has played a pivotal role in the refurbishment of the Sir Louis Matheson Library and successfully led the refurbishment of the Berwick Library and the design of both the Monash Sunway campus and Monash South Africa libraries. Her interests also include building strong relationships with local and international partners to seek opportunities to develop and enhance library wide applications and services.

Ms Burke has initiated and continues to lead a Victoria-wide library mentoring scheme and is on the Board of Directors for CAVAL Pty Ltd.


Janette Burke
Interim University Librarian 
Monash University Library
Library Administration, 40 Exhibition Walk
Clayton Campus, Victoria 3800

Telephone: +61 3 9905 2665 
Email: janette.burke@monash.edu