External membership purchasing, registration, and renewal are currently suspended, until further notice. This includes CAVAL reciprocal borrowing membership, ULANZ membership, and visitor membership.

CAVAL Reciprocal Borrowing Program

The CAVAL Reciprocal Borrowing Program is a scheme whereby staff and students of participating academic libraries are able to borrow material from other participating Victorian academic libraries.

You can borrow from participating libraries by visiting in person. You should take your Monash ID card to the required library in order to register. There is no fee applicable but you need to renew annually. CAVAL members may find that they do not have access to all items as some are restricted to students of the home institution.

Although a wide range of libraries participate in the CAVAL scheme, only a few libraries will have suitable resources for your course or project.

Renewing your CAVAL card

You must renew your CAVAL card annually. If you have a CAVAL card and want to register at a library after the date shown has passed, you must have your CAVAL card renewed. Renewals can be done at any member library, provided you are still in good standing.

CARM Centre

The CARM Centre is a state-of-the-art facility located at Bundoora, Victoria. It stores low-use and last-copy research material from academic libraries. With prior arrangements material at the CARM Centre can be viewed onsite.

CARM Shared Collection

The CARM Shared Collection includes research material originally from a number of Australian academic libraries that is now available for use by others. Holdings can be found through the CARM Centre Catalogue or Libraries Australia.

Loans and/or copies of articles from this shared material can be requested by Monash staff and postgraduate students through the Document Delivery Service.

Off-site storage

In addition, Monash has its own off-site store at the CARM Centre where low-use Monash materials are stored.  This facility is used to support collection growth at Monash libraries and to ensure that the Library makes best use of space on campus. Staff, students and others can recall materials from the off-site store by making a My Loans request through Search and collecting the item from any branch library. Please note that an item is only moved to the off-site store when it is not likely to be useful to Monash students or staff.