Building the collection

Building the collection

New material is added to the Library's already extensive collection on an ongoing basis, to provide users with access to a comprehensive range of quality resources in areas of University education and research. While most material is in English, the Library also sources and acquires print and electronic resources published in more than 12 other languages from over 20 countries.

The Library has an e-preferred policy and acquires books and journals in electronic format where available. This policy maximises access to collection resources, allowing them to be available around the clock, to multiple users simultaneously via the internet. Selection aims to ensure that access is maximised for off-campus and international library users, and that agreements with vendors permit full access, downloading and/or printing. With a majority of journals and a growing percentage of books available electronically, in excess of two-thirds of the collection budget is spent on electronic resources.

The Library also acquires video materials in physical and online format and plans to stream video as this format becomes more available.

Where does it come from?

Users are encouraged to be actively involved in selecting new material. Librarians with subject expertise consult with academic staff to select resources. The Library also welcomes suggestions for new purchases from students as well as from staff.

The Library has an expanding user-driven selection program whereby thousands of e-books are made available through the Library's Search tool and are automatically purchased if used by sufficient numbers of library users.