Sexpertations: Single white females

Sexpectations: Single white females

October 1997 - March 1998

This exhibition marked the 10th anniversary of the Centre for Women's Studies at Monash University. The curators were four students of the Centre.

Items on display included books on birth control, prostitution, sex advice books, art and photography books, and issues of various magazines such as Picture Post, and even early issues of Lot's Wife and its predecessor, Chaos.

The Restoration 1660-1700
A broadsheet from the Restoration period.

The Restoration 1660-1700

July - September 1997

The exhibition included original writings from the time and provides an insight into the politics and history of the era, including the amoral lifestyle of the court, the execution of Catholics during the Popish Plot scare and the 'glorious revolution', which saw the flight into exile of Charles's brother James II.

Die Bucher der Kunstler

Die Bucher der Kunstler

May - June 1997

This German exhibition, sponsored in Australia by the Goethe-Institut, was a travelling exhibition touring the world. It shows a range of artists' books produced by young German artists.

The genre of the "livre d'artiste", or "artist's book" is a very popular one in the US, Britain, Europe and Australia. It is the result of an artist looking at the conventions of book production and seeing what can be done within them. Often the conventions are stretched in some way, typically by using materials which make a statement about the book's content, and producing a concept.