Jeu du skating rink, a French board game from 1890, was one of the new acquisitions.

Recent Acquisitions 6

8 December 2011 - 5 March 2012

This exhibition focussed on material acquired since 2009 for the Rare Books Collection. Especially showcased are two significant donations. One is from the firm, Rock Posters, which puts up posters around Melbourne advertising pop concerts and dances; the other is a collection of the works of the poet and novelist Robert Graves donated by retired antiquarian bookseller, Jack Bradstreet.


Artist's books
Contemporary Australian artist Susan Goddard's 2007 book was published in a limited edition of 3.

Artist's books

28 September - 25 November 2011

The Rare Books Collection hosted a display of Artists' books in conjunction with the international multi-disciplinary printmaking conference IMPACT7 2011 hosted by Monash University, Art & Design. The artists' books in this exhibition are created to reflect on political and social realities from several eras.


Exhbition name

Paolo Giorgza's The Geelong Skating Rink galop.

Stardust melodies

22 June - 5 September 2011

Before recordings and radio conveyed the latest popular tunes, sheet music was the means of mass marketing the latest musical vogues and hits: Charles K. Harris's 1892 song, After the Ball, reportedly sold 5 million copies. Sheet music, and illustrated sheet music in particular, preserves an evocative record of our musical, cultural and social past.  It is also a repository of personal memories, especially – in the words of the song, "Stardust" – 'the memory of love's refrain.'.


Exhbition name

Illustration from Mrs. Isabella Beeton's The Book of household management: comprising information for the mistress, housekeeper, cook, kitchen maid, butler, governess. (London, 1901).


22 March 2011 - 31 May 2011

This exhibition celebrates the gift of valuable seventeenth to nineteenth century French and English cookbooks made by Alexandra (Sandy) Michell, beginning in 1988. The collection has been further developed and expanded to include a fine collection of early Australian cookbooks, and a selection of twentieth century material.