Pacific island region

Covers south and central Pacific including Australia and New Zealand. In addition to these two countries, the region encompasses:

Nine independent states

Republic of Fiji
Republic of Kiribati
Republic of Nauru
Sovereign State of Papua New Guinea
Sovereign State of Solomon Islands
Kingdom of Tonga
Sovereign State of Tuvalu
Republic of Vanuatu
Independent State of Samoa (formerly Western Samoa)

Five associated states

Cook Islands (NZ)
Federated States of Micronesia (USA)
Republic of Marshall Islands (USA)
Niue (NZ)
Republic of Palau (USA)

Territories which are self-governing to different degrees while belonging to metropolitan states


Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Lord Howe Island
Norfolk Island
Torres Strait Islands


Easter Island


French Polynesia
New Caledonia
Wallis and Futuna

New Zealand:


United Kingdom:

Pitcairn Islands

United States of America:

American Samoa
Northern Mariana Islands