Library membership

Library membership

Visitors are defined as all other members of the community who are not current staff or students of Monash University or members of other affiliated Tertiary Institutions [see Reciprocal borrowing].

Also Monash University alumni may be able to register to borrow from the Library for a reduced fee - see Alumni services page.

Regular Library visitors can borrow print material only from Monash Australian Libraries. This membership is not available to residents outside Victoria, Australia.

How to join online

There are two options for Library membership

Visitor entitlements

  • 15 items for two weeks
  • High-demand, restricted loan, reserve items and journals cannot be borrowed;
  • Videos, CDs and other special materials may be borrowed depending on the loan permissions applying for different collections.
  • Check your emails for information about your loans, as you will receive an email alert a few days before the end of your loan period.
  • Many items will be automatically renewed up to 14 weeks, providing no holds are placed on an item by another user during this time.
  • You won't be able to borrow if you have an item that is overdue.
  • Fines will apply to overdue items.

Monitor your loans, due dates, requests and any accrued fines in Search. Select "Sign in" and then "My Loans".  More detail about how to avoid fines is available at About borrowing.

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