Data management

Research data management for graduate research

Research data is the information you collect or create, and use to “evidence” your research. It might be the actual work created through the research activity (e.g. survey results), or may be documentary evidence (such as photographs of an installation). This includes preparatory, unfinished and supportive work in digital and physical form in addition to data relating to completed works.

Managing research data is an important skill for all researchers. A good management plan that has been implemented from the beginning and which incorporates the core data management practices for storage, backup and documentation, will:

  • enable you to complete your research work efficiently and comprehensively
  • provide you with the means to reuse and or share your research data
  • enable you to effectively use storage on your computer or held elsewhere
  • enable you to secure your data in the event of loss or damage
  • provide you with improved workflows and skills
  • enable you to reuse your data systematically in the future.

The Library has a series of guidelines for researchers that aim to address some common research data management issues experienced throughout the research process and research data lifecycle. The guidelines inform best practice for creating, preparing, storing and sharing data; providing basic advice, as well as pointers to relevant contacts at Monash University and to external sources for further information.

For further advice on managing and sharing your research data, contact the Library: