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Augmented. Virtual. Mixed Reality Sharecase


Immerse is an exciting event offering Monash staff an immersive experience.  See and play with examples of augmented, virtual and mixed reality content created by colleagues.

Designed and implemented with varying degrees of complexity and sophistication, these examples show what has been achieved by our emerging AR.VR.MR community of practice at Monash.

Whether it’s for teaching, research, student experience or marketing, creating immersive experiences is possible.  You can be a beginner or an expert or someone in between – you’re welcome to network and chat. That’s why we call it a sharecase.

Immerse is a joint initiative of Monash University Library, eSolutions and Monash Education Innovation.

Shockwave Sessions

First, we get blown away by cutting-edge applications. Two leading international figures in the AR.VR.MR space will join us remotely from Romania and Canada to take us through what they have built with their teams.

  • George Deac

    George Deac is the Art Director at ImproMedia srl, a multimedia and software production company in Bucharest, Romania. Founded in 2003, the company offers solutions in custom software production, including VR and AR. Based on 20 years of experience, ImproMedia have continued their research work and developed and implemented VR, with interactive VR and AR applications in various industries. ImproMedia has also focused on developing e-learning applications, starting with a collaboration with Polytechnic University of Bucharest. They have built an immersive 3D e-learning platform where students and teachers are represented in the form of avatars and can participate together in remote training and virtual training sessions.

  • Lee Brighton

    Lee Brighton is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Virtro Entertainment. A serial entrepreneur, Lee loves new tech and sharing it with others. She is instrumental in the creation of Argotian, an AI / VR language learning platform that gives learners an unprecedented advantage to conveniently and affordably learn to speak a new language via a fully immersive experience. Named on the 2018 Ready To Rocket list, Virtro Entertainment is a leader in AI & XR / VR development. In the EdTech space, Lee has been instrumental in developing a game changing language learning systems which empower fluency in learners. Argotian uses Artificial Intelligence character to have dynamic conversations with learners all within a video styled game play in Virtual Reality. Lee is also a member of the CIO Strategy Council of Canada.


2:00 – 2:15pm  Welcome

2:15 – 2:45pm  Shockwave Sessions

2:45 – 3:00pm  Free Play

3:00 – 5:00pm  Unbolted Sessions

5:00 – 6:00pm  Free Play, Drinks and Networking

Unbolted Sessions

Hear from the creators and get your hands (and gear) on to experience a slice of the world they have created.  We’ve designed our program so that each session runs twice to allow you to see what you want.

  • Monash Rocks: the journey through deep time continues

    Discover the project behind the Augmented Reality Monash Rocks app which brings to life 125 million-year-old sedimentary rocks containing polar dinosaurs, large 380 million-year-old highly explosive caldera volcanoes, and small explosive and effusive volcanoes from Victoria’s active volcanic province.

  • Journey to the Centre of the Cell

    Angus Johnston and Laura Fitzgerald highlight how they have used cutting edge imaging techniques to build a 3D virtual model of a cell from serial block-face scanning electron microscope (SBEM) imaging data. This model allows scientists, students and members of the public to explore and interact with a "real" cell.

  • Keeping it simple with 360VR

    The presentation will mainly focus on the practical considerations behind designing, producing, and implementing a 360 VR project. We will share our combined knowledge on how to deliver 360 VR video experiences as a team of experienced online educators and experts in audio/visual multimedia.

  • Pedagogy in Multiuser 3D Virtual Learning Environments

    Join Scott Grant as he explores how 3D virtual world platforms like Second Life and OpenSim and VR platforms like High Fidelity, Sansar and Altspace have opened up exciting new vistas for immersive and engaging interaction. While not specifically intended for educational purposes, nevertheless these platforms present educators with pedagogical possibilities unmatched in the classroom environment.

  • Monash Technology Research Platform AR and VR capabilities

    Monash provides central capability in big data visualisation and virtual/augmented reality through the Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform. We will introduce two major tools that work together to enable self-service data visualisation using the Monash CAVE2, a desktop computer, and VR and AR head-mounted systems.

  • BrainPark's approach to Virtual Reality, its applications in clinical therapy and future of VR in research

    Learn about the VR environments used at BrainPark and its partners as well as learnings from our latest trip to CES in Las Vegas and where VR technology is headed.

  • Creating the world of Jane Austen

    Jeff Janet, In Dae Hwang and their students created an immersive interactive exhibition on the life, times and works of Jane Austen. Discover how they and their design students conceived of and created the world of Austen through virtual reality.

  • Reality augmented: a new form of storytelling. AR application in creating marketing content for Open Day and as a toolkit for recruiters, agents and career counsellors

    Learn about our recent AR project that Marlena Mende's team successfully launched at Open Day 2018 for the Faculty. They used AR to allow seven young alumni from MNHS to tell their story and inspire prospective students about their career choices and outcomes. Hear about the key elements involved to bring this project to life, the successful outcomes and next steps. With unprecedented access to new storytelling tools and technologies, there is no excuse not to explore these innovative ways to engage with young audiences.



All Monash staff welcome. Explore, play and be inspired by what’s possible in the work you do to create immersive experiences for your audience, and receive a free Google Cardboard.

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