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Welcome to the Library

Why use the Library?

You’ve come to the right place. Did you know 77% of students who use the Library achieve at least a Distinction average? (*2019 Library user survey)

We’ve put together the basics you'll need to know about using the Library.

Access the collections

We have a massive collection of electronic and print resources you can access online or borrow as a Monash student. We’ve got over 1.7 million electronic resources, including e-books and e-journals, and over 3 million books and other printed items. You can borrow from any of our six libraries.

Quick tips that may be helpful:

Prepare for study

Learning at university may be different from what you’re used to. Check out tips on making the most of your lectures, labs and tutorials.

Discover the best way to approach your studies.

Develop your research and study skills

As well as Library modules and programs in your course, there are additional programs focusing on essential research and study skills, like writing for assignments, analysing and arguing your points, how to cite and reference correctly, and why it matters.

What students say:

“The Library's resources and wonderful classes have really helped me get to know what to do for my assignment, and I have done really well."

"A huge thank-you for helping me with my study skills. My last set of results were all Distinctions. I couldn't have managed it all on my own."

Find a study space

Our six libraries are currently open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm on a limited basis to support Monash students without adequate study facilities at home.

They provide computer access, power and Wi-Fi, and facilities for collaborative work. Check the library opening hours.

For the health and safety of staff and students, we’ve implemented measures to make our libraries COVID-safe. Learn how you can do your part in healthy practices when you’re in the Library.

Explore the libraries via our 360-degree virtual tours before you hit the pavement and visit!

Or be taken through a virtual guided tour of the Matheson Library by one of our friendly staff.

Make the most of the Library

Whether in person or online, using the Library can save you time and enable you to be more effective and successful in your research and learning.

Watch this video introducing the virtual Information Point and Library enquiry services.

If you have any questions or need assistance:

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