Research Data Management at Monash

Research Data Management at Monash

Monash University is committed to achieving research data management standards for secure data retention, and to optimising the benefits of research through collecting, storing and making research data more accessible and reusable.

These documents outline the requirements on Monash University researchers to ensure data is stored, retained, documented and/or described, made accessible for use and reuse, and/or disposed of, according to legal, statutory, ethical and funding bodies’ requirements.

Responsible research

Monash is committed to complying with the  Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research (2018), and it’s accompanying guides which outline how researchers can meet their responsibilities as outlined in the Code.

Data Management Plans at Monash University

Currently there is no internal requirement for Monash University researchers to centrally lodge a formal data management plan.

However, in accordance with the University's policies and the Code, researchers are strongly encouraged to consider how they will manage their data throughout their research project, and retain a copy of this plan for their own records. To assist with this, the Library offers a Research Data Planning Checklist which can be used to start planning. This checklist can also be used as a useful discussion point when talking to collaborators, services providers, and research administrators.

Some funders may require researchers to produce a data management plan either during the application process or on award of funding. The Checklist can assist researchers to provide the required information in these instances.