Ethics and consent

A number of ethical requirements apply to the management of research data, particularly where the research involves human subjects (e.g. surveys, interviews, and analyses of personal data from government agencies).

Researchers must be aware of their obligations in the following areas, and address these obligations through the existing ethics application process.

Data Protection and Privacy at Monash

The Monash University Research Data Protection and Privacy Collection Statement contains information which must be provided at the time of collecting personal information (or as soon as practicable thereafter) that explains:

  • the purpose of collecting the information
  • the rights of the individuals participating in research or activities conducted by the University.
  • the storage, retention, and safeguarding of the data

The Monash University Data Protection and Privacy Procedure provides a general statement about how personal, sensitive and health information is managed by the University.

Monash researchers must be familiar with the information contained within the Statement and the Procedure to ensure they remain compliant with University’s policy on the management of personal data.

Ethics and research data


Applying for ethics approval

Applications for research involving humans, animals or gene technology must be reviewed by the appropriate committee. For application procedures, please visit myResearch.

As part of the application you may be asked for the following information:

  • How will you store the data: see Storing research data
  • An understanding of the types information that must be provided to participants regarding the use of their data.
  • Information about how you will either retain or dispose of research data: see Retention and disposal
  • If, and how, your research data will be published: see Publishing research data