Storage and backup

Storage options for researchers

View the Research Data Storage Options at Monash chart to help you determine the appropriate storage for your specific needs. The chart provides information about the benefits and limitations of the different storage options, and information on how to access or request the storage. The Benefits and Limitations table provides further information on the different storage options and services at Monash.

When you are selecting where to store digital data, you should consider the following:

  • How likely is it that the hardware, software or media will fail or become obsolete?
  • What would be the impact of any failure?
  • What security systems are in place?
  • What disaster recovery procedures are in place?
  • What is the availability of support by professional IT staff?

Recommended storage options

Personal and portable storage devices

It is not recommended to store research data on personal devices (e.g. laptops) or portable storage device (e.g. thumb drive or external hard drives) due to the high risk of the failure or loss of these devices. Only short-term working copies should be stored this way.

Backup of data

As a researcher, you are responsible for ensuring that research data is backed up regularly.

Data stored on Monash managed storage is automatically backed up.

If you store working copies of research files on personal devices you will need to perform regular backups to the recommended Monash storage.