Training materials

Research data management: Essentials for graduate research students [pdf 532Kb]

Induction level presentation targeted at Graduate Research students. Can be covered in 30 minutes if required, but 1 hour allows time for discussion and more examples to be given. Covers definitions of research data and why managing it is important; resources available to students including the research data management website, Graduate Research data planning checklist and Skills Essentials seminars run through the Monash Institute for Graduate Research. Also provides a brief introduction to the Monash eResearch Centre and the Large Research Data Store (LaRDS), including details for students of how to get access to LaRDS.

Introduction to data planning for Graduate Research candidates [pdf 672Kb]

Data management is a key part of any research project, including a higher degree. In this 2-hour seminar, HDR students work through a data planning checklist that covers copyright and intellectual property, ethical and legal issues, storage and backup, data documentation, publishing and disseminating data, and making arrangements for data after their project is complete. By the end of the seminar students should understand more about common data management issues and how they can resolve them, and will know where to go for further assistance at Monash University. The workshop also introduces the Monash Large Research Data Store (LaRDS) and explains how Graduate Research students can access central storage and backup systems for their research data.

Research data management for Graduate Research supervisors [pdf 647Kb]

Short 10-15 minute presentation that is included as part of a much larger Level 1 Supervisor Accreditation workshop organised by the Monash Institute for Graduate Research. Defines research data, describes why managing research data is important for supervisors and students (both for compliance and for research impact), and highlights key University resources and contacts.

Intellectual property and research data management for supervisors [pdf 431Kb]

15-30 minute presentation that is part of the Intellectual Property Masterclass, Level 2 Supervisor Accreditation, organised by the Monash Institute for Graduate Research. The other topics covered in the session are patents (Commercialisation & Industry Engagement), the Monash University IP framework (University Solicitor's Office) and copyright (Library copyright advisors).