About borrowing

Use your Monash University ID card or Library membership card to borrow books and other items from any of our Victorian campus libraries.

Find Monash University Library resources using Search.  Manage your loans by signing in to Search and then selecting 'My Loans' before placing a request or checking your current loans.

Borrowing entitlements

Monash staff and students

  • Undergraduates (including Monash College): 30 items for 2 weeks.
  • Postgraduates, honours and staff: unlimited loans for 6 weeks.
  • Monash online students are not eligible for postal loans. Monash off-campus students are eligible for postal loans and the initial loan period is increased to 4 weeks to include postal delivery time each way.

Monash English Language Centre (MUELC) students

  • You can borrow in person from any of the six Victorian campus libraries.
  • You can borrow 15 items for 2 weeks.
  • All items, except those in high demand and those requested by other users, are automatically renewed.
  • You can request items that are on loan to someone else (see 'Placing a request' below).
  • You cannot borrow high-demand items or journals
  • You are not eligible to request postal loans

Borrowing high-demand or non-standard items

  • High demand items may have a loan period of 14 days or less.
  • Some materials have more restrictive loan conditions.
  • For full details see Special materials.

Renewing your loans

  • All items, except those requested by other users, high demand or other Special materials, are automatically renewed.
  • Check your emails for information about your loans. You will receive an email a few days before the end of your loan period.
  • You can also check your current loans, due dates, requests and fines in Search. Select 'Sign in' then 'My Loans'.

Overdue items

  • If you have an item that is overdue, you cannot borrow and your loans will not be automatically renewed. Fines will apply.

Returning items

  • Items can be returned to any library except for overnight and reserve loans, which must be returned to the library where you borrowed them.
  • You can check the address of the library for postal return of your items.

Placing a request

  • To request an item on loan, or available at a different campus, place a request. Find the item in Search, select the 'Get it' tab and follow the instructions to have the item send to your chosen pick up location.
  • You may not place a request on Special materials.
  • If you are an off-campus student, select "Personal Delivery"  and then ‘Home Address’ as your pick up location. Your item will be posted to you. See the online holds tutorial for more information on the request process.
  • You will receive an email when your requested item is ready for collection. Items awaiting collection are placed on the hold shelves at the pick up location under your name. You have 7 days to pick up the item after which it will be returned to the shelves. Items requested via the Library's Document Delivery service can also be found on the hold shelves.
  • To cancel a request before it becomes available, select 'My Loans' then select the 'Requests' hyperlink to view a list of your requests. Select the 'Cancel' link as appropriate.

Arrangements for placements or teaching rounds

Students on medical or nursing placement or teaching rounds may be permitted to borrow for longer. Ask Library staff for details.

Affiliated libraries

Researchers based in hospitals can request that items to be sent to their affiliated teaching hospital library.


The Borrowing brochure summarises how to borrow from the Library.