Special materials

High-demand items

Items in high-demand may be placed on restricted loan. Depending on the item, loans may be for 14 days or seven days, or the item may be placed in a reserve collection. Reserve collection items are used within the reserve area of the library or may be borrowed for three hours or overnight only with strict conditions.

High demand materials can only be renewed if they have 14-day loan labels and if no-one else has placed a hold requests on them.

Off-campus students may request photocopies of chapters from items on reserve

Visitors and Monash English Language Centre (MUELC) students are not eligible to borrow high-demand items.


Most journals are available in electronic format through Search. Print journals can be borrowed overnight by Monash staff and postgraduate students. No renewals are available and fines will apply.

Undergraduate students can make a photocopy of a print format article or scan it to a usb stick. Off campus students can request a copy of a journal article.

Multimedia items

Please note high-demand multimedia items may have a restricted loan period of seven days, overnight, or three hours. Some items may be restricted to particular groups of library users by copyright conditions.

Music scores and kits:

  • Borrow scores and kits for the standard loan periods (except for scores from the Vera Bradford Collection at Peninsula).

CD-ROMS, Videos and DVDs:

  • Borrow these for one week, except that off-campus students can borrow them for four  weeks to allow for delivery and return by post.

Access to off-air recordings:

  • Only staff and students of Monash can borrow off-air recordings for one week, except that off-campus students can borrow them for three weeks to allow for delivery by post each way.
  • Honorary and visiting staff and students are not eligible to use this material.

Sound recordings:

  • Borrow sound recordings for one week, except that off-campus students can borrow them for four weeks.
  • Some sound recordings are subject to reserve collection loan conditions (three hours use, only in library) at the Matheson Library.
  • Visiting staff are not eligible for this service.


  • Microforms are not available for loan, but, after consultation with a Contact Librarian, some titles can be sent to a branch for use there. Eligible members may request this via the Document delivery service.

4.16mm film (motion picture):

  • Film can only be used by Monash University academic staff for teaching purposes. A qualified projectionist is required for screenings.