Skills development

Library staff work with academic staff to develop research skills resources, activities and curricula, aligned with the University's blended learning approach and based on three frameworks:

  • The Research Skill Development (RSD) framework (Willison and O'Regan, 2006, 2014, 2018) presents a conceptual, non-prescriptive model for curriculum and assessment design that explicitly and coherently develops students' research skills within disciplinary content, at the course and unit levels. Librarians apply RSD-informed learning approaches within curricula through rich collaborative partnerships with academics.
  • The related Work Skill Development framework (Bandaranaike and Willison, 2009, 2014, revised by Monash University Library, 2019) addresses work-readiness as part of the Higher Education teaching and learning agenda, and enables the interpretation and articulation of students’ work skills gained through study and participation at University.
  • The Digital Skill Development framework (Torres et al, 2018) addresses the explicit, incremental development of contemporary digital skills and practices for collaborating, learning, researching, working, and functioning in society.

If you would like to explore any of these frameworks in your teaching practice in collaboration with Library staff please contact Lyn Torres.